In or Out of the Closet...?
That is the Question
Circle the Wagons around the Circle :)

In the present day this issue is still hotly debated..
For myself I am Out ... all the way Out
But it has been recent that I am Out under ALL conditions , in the past I found it prudent
to make a different choice, and I KNOW there will be those who disagree with me,
but my reasoning made sense to me at the time.. perhaps they can serve as a
possible guide line for yourself if your stuck for an answer to this question .
There have been many who have Praised my openness about my faith, and I thank them
but I haven't always been so far out, that I've never been in the closet.. although members
of my family would tell you I am still OUT ... of my mind :)
They think I am weird, but then they have always thought so, but I am the first person
they call on to bless a new house too hehehehehe.. :)
In AZ , where I spent half of my adult life,
Out of the closet was fairly easy, at least in large groups of other Pagans
As there is a very large ,very bold Pagan community out there
Unlike Calif. where I lived after that, for almost 7 years and only met two
family members and have never seen a festival or anything else,
advertised in the paper. Here in Texas, where I now live, in range
there is one, count em one Pagan shop and very few meets advertised.
I got very spoiled by AZ, which had more Pagan shops than I could count.

The Pagans of AZ had already fought for the right to be out of the closet there, 
before I became a part of them,
but it didn't come easy. 
The first public ritual they held, was an occasion for

TV crews and Protesters with picket signs 
and attempts on the part of police to stop the rite.

Now it barely rates a notation on the society page :) 
And any protesters that do show up, the cops come and haul THEM off.

But...Even in this very open Community. I was still in the closet
when it came to my job.. why..? Because I worked for the Catholic diocese is why.

I would have been black listed entire from my job, all my schooling would
have been for naught. Not to mention the 200 plus people who wouldn't have gotten
the training I provided, as I never would have been hired in the first place.
My immediate supervisor knew and understood,
but kept it to herself, but the people who
signed both our paychecks didn't know, and
I was not about to tell them.

I didn't mention it to school boards either, as I had no desire to
lose my kids over it, as had happened to others.. is this right..?
Does it happen.. ? Unfortunately
Yes it did ... and in some places is still happening :(
There's been a Pagan bumper sticker on my Car only once, as I have always had the
kids, mine or the Grands with me, until recently
The very first time I did put one on, some fool tried to run me off the road.. for it..
( I know because the Cop who saw it all happen and went after and got the man, told
me to stop asking for trouble and lose the sticker.. can ya believe it..!

Mind you this was some 25 years ago ) but off it came,
as I could not in good faith risk the lives of others,
the kids in this case, for my beliefs.
An it harm none.. do what thou wilt..
and for them coming out too public at that time..
would have been harm
Other Coven members, even in open AZ, were openly attacked, in public,
by some outraged citizen who nearly took  a coven members head off with a baseball bat.
What he did to their ritual goods is a crying shame too.
For no other reason than they were holding ritual in the same place we customarily
held such things..but they were alone.. just the two of them..
which made them an open target
Now that its just me and my Pagan mate. And some 25 years later.. :)
I say bring it on Honey.. Whatever ya got.. :)
as the only hide I'M risking, is my own 
( my mate made his choice on that, a long time ago )

It's a sad thing to say of our world
that some would still threaten the lives, livelihoods and children,
of others for a difference of opinion, but it can happen..
has happened, and in some places is STILL happening
So we need both sides, protection, the closet..
While we build a base that is strong,
and let others know

So do choose a place to stand, but do so mindful of the rights
of those around you who could be affected, meanwhile ...IMHO
Those of us, like me, who have none to be hurt by the slings and arrows
of outrageous misfortune will Be Bold, and Make noise...
So soon, if we loud mouthed old Crones are bold enough :)
there will be no need for a closet to be in,
for any of us..
This is my daily prayer for us all

Blessed Be


The background is my creation feel free to adopt if you like it.. :)
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