The Path of Guilt
Ashes On the Head and Other Silliness

I had occasion recently to have some very old history
tossed in My face .. literally .. and was held liable
by someone who felt they had grievance with me

We made peace between us, however
it made me rethink a great many things .. Again :)

First and foremost was the concept of guilt
and its relevance to my life on the Pagan Path and in General

As a Priestess .. I am expected to know myself
as with any true walker of the Pagan way .. Right , Wrong
or Indifferent, part of the training is to really look at the self
warts and all .. to make peace with the Self.. regardless
of past foolishness, and to accept others and accept yourself

So where does guilt fit it ? Or does it..? :)

I have not always been a firm believer in
if you do wrong, you make amends .. you apologize..
then ya get over it..!

This I had to learn. Queen of the guilt trip here !

I had it down to an Art form. Until I finally realized what a waste of time,
energy and emotion it was. It didn't help the other person
and it dang sure didn't make ME feel any better about it all,
making amends however .. did

But that's not enough for some, some want tears, pain, misery
for them to believe that you feel sorry for any wrong you did
Or even wrong they THINK you did !

OK .. Why ?

If I tear my hair and cry Mea culpa,
is this going to somehow make things right ?

If I make myself feel bad enough
is this somehow going to make anything better for the person I wronged?

If I Deny myself happiness,
is this going to help the other party to BE happy ?

Answer ?.. Of Course Not...!

One look at any of the above and a rational person goes
None of that will change anything for the better !
In fact, it could make it worse

Feelings of Guilt are a cop out we all do,
but they are sentiment without substance

It is the act of feeling bad over something,
in place of really taking action about it

Any action requires two things
 One the knowledge that there is a NEED to take action
And two .. The will to do so

The first must come before the second, knowledge
You have to know someone's been hurt over some action or non action
of yours ... to even begin a process of amends

So if your feeling guilt over some action you didn't know did an injury,
 where there was no intent on your part
, to do an injury, then stop right there !

 It's the other parties responsibility to bring it to your attention if they feel injured
 and if they didn't, how can you be liable for their pains, if you did not know ?

Then comes the will to action
taking responsibility for your own acts
and making whatever reparations are needed

But moan and cry and thrash about in a wallow of self mortification


There is only one reason for this foolish display,
because somewhere, sometime, someone taught you or them,
that to be forgiven you must " PAY " for your trespass with
this display of misery and remorse

The person who tossed the old History in my face
called me a Heartless cold  Bi... well you get the idea :)
because they had never seen me cry
over these events they took great pains to tell me about

They did that day .. but not for the events they came to tell
but for the pain they caused me with their rage
over things I could not undo .. or take back,
and in most cases, was not really to blame for 

They ended up apologizing to me,
for wanting to make me Cry and realized for themselves
that they were the ones with a problem .. Not with me .. but with themselves
As they wanted to hold me liable for their current actions based on past events
A responsibility I am not liable for.. no matter how well or how badly I acted

Any grown person is responsible for their own actions,
no matter who did what, or when or how, you have been hurt

Even if life has handed you the worst possible events, this does not mean
you get to blame that for doing as bad or worse ... Yourself !

On the Pagan Way each person is responsible for their own actions
and most assuredly for their own RE-actions to life in general

The one thing I learned in the early days of training for the Path
is the only thing I really have any control over is myself,
my actions and how I respond to the actions of others

I can do things with good intent, or not
I can response to things with sense and reason and understanding
Or not .. That is all I or anyone else has any say over.. Ever

Do I always get this right ? HA ! What am I a saint ? Oh no, still working on it
and most likely will still be working on it when I breath my last on this Earth !
But I try, Goddess help me, I try

And sometimes, I fail to act correctly and lose it, my temper, my patience
( Boy do I got a lot of work to do on that one ! )
My overall good sense .. and My will to behave so
It happens .. I apologize and get on with it

But guilt for these lapses of good sense ?
Yes, it's a possible response, but a wasteful one, as it does nothing,
other than to make you miserable

You can't accomplish much good in life, even to making amends
if you spend most of your time feeling bad, for being human

We are responsible for what we do .. Yes
Does this mean spend the rest of your days in regret
over a moments foolishness or rage .. ?

One of the things we learn on the Path to self enlightenment,
is not to waste the Energy of Life, on fruitless endeavors

Guilt is such a waste .. it serves no one
If you try and make amends and the other party does not accept it ?
Their loss .. not yours .. forgive them their need for vengeance
and get on with the businesses of living

Maybe light Candles for them and say prayers
that the darkness they carry be lightened
if they insist on holding on to pain. But do not bear burdens
that are not your own .. No one has the right to ask you to do that.

It does not serve the Good, it does not Serve the Gods
it does not serve them, nor does it serve YOU
Just my two cents on the subject :)

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