Quan Yin by Pagan art

Goddess of Mercy

Our Lady of Compassion
Quan Yin

She who rides the Dragons Back
To mans aid she comes Alone

She who gives the coolest Drink
From a Fountain of Grace, her Own

Our Lady of Shining Moon and Stars
Who is Boundless as the Sea

Our Lady of the Sunshine Bright
Our Lady of Tranquility

She who sheds Compassion
When the world sheds its Tears

She who asks for Nothing
But will help calm all your Fears

Great Mother of the Eastern World
We Hail to thee this Night

Your Grace and Care for all the World
Makes me Humble before your Might

For no greater power does Exist
Than the Love you freely Share

Lotus Lady of infinite Grace
With Flowers in your Hair

Dear Lady who shines in Space
A Wonder to all the World

Great Mother of the quiet Face
You are the Heavens Greatest Pearl

 Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu