Flower of Life, by Pagan Art

The Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry, part Four


The Flower of Life, a pretty sounding name,but what is it ?

A Language ... A language that speaks of all of creation

This is a Universal Language that all Consciousness understands on a cellular level
It is the Language of Life. Sacred Geometric Symbols make up the Matrix of Life as we know it

You don't see it, but it makes up the Whole Fabric of the Universe. This is
the secret science of the Universe .... a secret that hides in plain sight

In this pretty form, is the Seed of Life, Fruit of Life and Metatron's Cube (which contains, a whole raft of other forms
the Hexagram and Hexagon et al..). All the geometric shapes, can be derived from the Flower of Life

From the single Circle.. to two.. two four... etc. etc. etc.
Each having a meaning of their own

The Circle  ... the simplest form
Which is the beginning of it all.. the Egg from which all things .. including us .. are born

Which in turn becomes two, which is called a Vesica Piscis ..Fancy name.. but
This form shows common ground, the intersection of shared interest and goals of the meeting of equals of the mind
seeing eye to eye ... which is where we get that phrase
Ven diagreams
To the three, which is the tripod of life. Mind ... body and the Spirit which moves it
Look Familiar ? Of course it does ... now you know where it came from and why :)

The next form is called the Seed of life, so named, as it contains all the other Platonic solids
within it, from it ,one could make anything.. :) 

Seed of Life
The Fruit of life is the last form, before you start repeating it, and so on and so on

For the Curious a Metatron's Cube looks like this 

Metatron's Cube

Please see this site... (off site link) ..  for more detailed information on this fascinating form

This form of the flower of life was etched on the walls of temples such as the one at
Orison in Egypt, and a million other places, for they knew its value

The Flower of Life contains a Akashic type of record of the4 basic information of all living things,
the templates for the five Platonic Solids, from which all life springs

Many have known this secret
Leonardo Da Vinci, Plato, The Freemasons ... and almost any Cabalistic or Chemist

Ok this is all well and good you say.. but what good does it do me ?

To Help the mind understand the sheer vastness of life, we humans tend to limit our world,
to what we can see, hear, taste, smell and there is so much more to it

It's an act of faith to realize, that we are but part of a whole system, that has no beginning, and no end.
But we must study to see this, as the mind recoils at the enormity of it all

We live with limited perspectives of ourselves, and we rarely see past these limitations. We bind
ourselves to our habits rather than thought. With a little effort, the study of the Flower of Life and other sacred geometry
helps us look through this pretty window to our conditioned beliefs, and see our true selves, and realize
that our potential for growth as human beings, is infinite

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