Mother of all lighting Freya, by Pagan art

My Lady Freya
Mistress of Lighting
Bringer of Storm
Chooser of the Slain

Many Stories have been told of Freya
Not all of them Flattering

A Warrior, a Free Woman,
A Lover of Beauty and believer in choosing
One's partners as one wills

Sounds like a woman of the years 2000 + to me :)

It is said, she rode across the Night sky in a chariot
drawn by Wild Cats

Maybe that's why there's always been a picture of
a tiger in my house somewhere :)

She was skilled in the ways of Seidhr,
The magick with which one walks the nine Worlds
Of the World tree of Yggdrasill

Much is made of her necklace Brisingamen,
The golden necklace which stands for her Power
Over the material world.

People seem more concerned over
how she supposedly got it
Than what it means. In exchange for her favors
So it is said

Then, much as now, Even a Goddess can get
put down for free love as a "wild woman"

I say

Then let us be Wild as the wolf,if therein lies Strength

Then let us be Free, if freedom means Power

Then let us use the magick of Seidhr,
To walk between the Worlds,
If on this path lies the power to make Change

Then let us be as cunning as the Wild Cat,
If this means Liberation

Then let us be the Warrior who Heals the World,
As our Mother meant us to Be

Ode to My Lady Freya

Mother of Lighting
Mistress of Storms

Be With us Now in our Hour of Need

Mother of Beauty
Mother of Wit

Be With us Now in our Time of Youth

Mother of Magick
Mother of Freedom

Be With us Now in our Time of Ritual

Mother of Love
Mother of Will

Be With us Now in our Time of Choosing

Mother of Heroes
Mother of Earth

Be With us Now the Time of Earths Need

Great Mother of Old do we Call to You

We Offer you Sacrifice of Our Labor

We Offer you Wine made by our Hand

We Offer the Fruit of the Vine

Which You helped us to Grow

Help us to Stand Firm
In the Face of Life's Storms

Help us to Stand Tall when The
World would have us Small and Meek

Help us to Walk Proud
In our Jewels of Knowledge
So Hard Won

Help us to Walk Between the Worlds
As our Ancestors Before us Bade

Hail to Thee Dear Chooser of the Slain
For Only the Brave May Enter




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