Flight of the Sprit, by Pagan art

Flight of the Spirit

Up to now, Most of the pages I have written
have concentrated on the more physical
aspects of the Craft

I have had good reasons for this, but for this page I am departing from that
and will speak of the connection with the Divine from the realm of the Spirit.
Our Own

The Spirit is the only real part of us, the only part that matters.

I say this because, we are not the solid matter that our body is made of.

We are the Soul, the Spirit ... the Inner self ...
This is what makes us ... Us.

Many studies and Tomes have been written
on what happens to the soul at the body's death.

The smoke seen rising from them,
The silver cord binding us to the body
as seen in Astral travel, which breaks at our passing.

What is this .... something?
It is us.. the real us.. this is the us
that reaches out and connects with the Divine.

It is how we can do this,
the corporeal body could never withstand
such a thing....Face to face with
My living breathing Goddess..
in the flesh..! ?

I don't think so, this flesh would be ash. :)

But the real me ... the me that transcends this
poor body of flesh and blood ...
That can see the Mothers force of light
and stand with her and her
representatives without fear of harm.

Most Yogi, and Buddha's and Dali Lamas
all teach to transcend the physical,
for this very reason... we are spirit..
the Inner self...IS the self.

So why am I saying this over and over...? :)

To make a point of course :)
Several of them in fact..

The most wonderful thing about being a Pagan to me, is the fact
that I know that I am one with the Trees,
the rocks, the animals, the stars...
each and every one and me, are one in the same..

Every rock, tree and forest
has a Life, has a Spirit and a Name
to borrow a lovely phrase from a popular song.

When I say a prayer of thanks to the Divine
for these gifts, it is the Spirit which gives thanks,
the body just happens to house it at the moment.

It's why all the "isems", are so pointless..
racism, ageism, and all the other isems are ridiculous..

The Spirit has no color, no race, is ageless,
and really doesn't even have a gender,
we are Androgynous all of us...

It is who we are that matters, not what.

What state is the real us in when we pray?

As the American Indian prayer to the Great Spirit states it:
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"May I come to you with clean hands and forward eyes."
" When the body fades like the sunset
as it must, may I face you
without fear or shame. "

That says it pretty well to me
The Spirit must be clean...our intentions honorable
our inner self without hatreds or prejudice.

To stand before the Great Mother
in Boldness and Glory
is the realm of the Spirits Flight.