Fire, by Pagan Art

The way of Intellect and Inspiration

Fire is the way of the Mind... the means to create...
to inspire the self...and many many more

Fire burns... it clears away the old...
Ever seen a forest after a burn ? If the burn has not been too high, meaning it consumed everything..
the trees that remain, in short order , are full and green and growing
in better shape and vigor than they were before...

So it is ,with man
When you burn out the trash and litter of the mind..
the mind works better... faster, with better growth
and inspiration than if it's strangled off with the old,
the dead and outdated

This is fires lesson... to grow one must keep up to date,
not only with the world but inside ones self......
It does little good to know the latest news,
if one is so preoccupied with the past that you cant use it !

Now this is not to say that the past and it's lessons
have no purpose

That is another lesson of fire...if the fire is too high...
it consumes all and must start over...from nothing...
so a fine balance must be maintained

This is yet another lesson...when one builds a fire,
if it's to burn well the wood must be close enough to each other
to keep the fire going, yet far enough apart to allow air to flow
through them or the fire smothers and dies....
Balance...the need to use the fire to its best and fullest capacity
and so it is with us

Keeping what is useful and getting rid of the rest

This takes a keen mind to make such discriminations between
what to keep and what to toss out...but most of it is pretty apparent..
Like the clothes in your closet..if it hasn't seen the light of day
in a year and you can not see yourself wearing it anymore....
Why are you keeping it ?

Was it a gift ?  If so is it a gift worth keeping ?
Practical reality says that to keep the clutter one is forced
to forever wade thur what is of no value to get to what you want..
be it your closet or your mind.. :)

Neat, organized and in style with the times
is how we want our closet to look...
Should we do less for the mind that makes to choice
of what to wear ?

When we call on Fire in the circle we are asking for wisdom...
for inspiration...for balance between the blaze and what feeds it...
the way of the mind...the sword of intellect...
which must be keen to be of any use

It is not for nothing that the Archangel Michael's icon
is the flaming sword... both these concepts in one image...
to remind us to use it wisely

May your sword be bright and Keen !


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