Pakua feng shui wheel
Feng Shui
From a Witch's point of view

The Art of Sacred Geomancy as Practiced by the Eastern World

There is much being made of this Ancient Art in the current day world
From Celebrities to builders, consulting Feng Shui Masters in ordering
or building a home has become commonplace

This Art was once the providence of Emperors
and Shoguns, now it is an art available to all who ask for information.

So what is Feng Shui ( Fung Shway)?
And why should a Witch care what it is?

In a few words, Feng Shui is the flow of Chi, or Energy
that flows in and around a person, place or thing

Ok, then what the heck am I bringing this up for, in relation to the Craft ?

Because the flow of Energy
be it in the self,
the room,
the house
or the circle

Matters !

Anything that makes the flow better for the self, the home and your life
is something to know, at least IMHO... :)

How it all Works

When most people set up an altar space they do not consider Feng Shui as a deliberate thought
But it is what they instinctively do, they do what "feels" right, with regard to placement,
often flying in the face of "tradition" to do so

In fact what you are doing, is setting up a small version of a semi conductor,
like a primitive mother board. ( pardon the pun.. :) making energy flow 
in and around the space
, dependent on what's used

This is Feng Shui

Likewise when one sets up circle and
all the directions have representations in them, you have
candles, wind chimes, flowers etc.,
Symbology and power flow as one, this is Feng Shui

Feng Shui means being aware of your environment
with the understanding that everything has Chi or energy.

This energy has the ability to affect you
and how things happen in your life,
to your health or practice of your faith.

Chi is like the wind constantly flowing all around us.
We cannot see it, but we know it exists
Chi is also like water that can be diverted to where it is needed.

And like water it also cycles endlessly, like a fountain

A fountain, that if interrupted,
will affect everything else that depends on it.

Which in this case, means you

Any good interior designer knows that the eye should flow from object to object,
in a gestalt glance, taking the whole thing in, as one unit
That space itself, should flow from one room to the next.

This is just good fashion sense.
Now take that a few steps further and you have the basic tenants of Feng Shui
with regards to the arrangement and placement of ones house and belongings.

So it's not really an odd thing at all, just basic common sense about flow patterns
with a few new twists tossed in.

Which I am sure will make a few people scream
to hear me put it that way :)

There is a LOT more to it than that ,
but for basic understanding, this is enough

See links at page bottom for more sites and information
for those interested

So what has this got to do with a practicing Witch ?

The good vibes that surround us make all the difference in the world ,
literally, in how life goes, both in circle and out.

If you read any Book of Shadows or Grimore,
you will find that X items are called for
in the recipe, as it were, to do certain things.

Colors of candles for candle magick, the right incense to burn,
the placement of the altar set, what window to put it in etc.

All laid out in detail

Now can you do the spell without all that..?

Sure ya can, but it makes it easier to do and works better with the right tools,
and good Feng Shui is one of the ways to help it work.

All those elements combine to make the Chi flow correctly
and make the energy flow be strong and positive.

Now all the altar goods are also related to the Gods/Goddess
to whom we are petitioning, but it's not just history that has decided what to use.

The Flow of Chi, the energy that vibrates
for a given work is what makes certain things preferable
to have in their "proper" placement.

As all things have Chi and that Chi effects you..

The smell of a given incense, makes subtle changes in the energy flow,
the colors of the candles add there own vibrations,
the sounds of the music playing effects the flow, the placement of the tools you are using
and what are they made of, effect the flow of energy around you.

If you are "grounded and centered"
Then your Chakras are into the flow of this energy pattern.

Any good rite or spell is like releasing a flow of water to a given design,
And as any kid of five knows, if you just turn on the hose
and lay it down, the water just spreads out
and doesn't do a whole lot that's useful

Where-as you pick up the hose and point it, you can do something with it

This is tapping into Feng Shui, the Chi, the energy flow that is part of all things
and directing it to a given purpose.

As with the Chakras, having oneself
in balance and harmony with this flow is critical..

Add the concept of having the energy that's there to be tapped,
directed to where you want it in an unrestricted supply 
and you have the basics
for any power rite

This principal is not just for rite and ritual,
although you can see where it would aid you

It is also for the home, work space etc.

A fat lot of good it does to have your ritual space
set up with perfect Feng Shui,
If the house you live in is a Chi wasteland ! :)

That attacks you with every turn rather than empower you.

Have you ever been to someone's house or work,
that you couldn't wait to get away from ?

That made you tired every time you spent time there..?

And it had nothing to do with the company ?

It was most likely due to the Feng Shui of the place.
The flow did not caress and empower, it attacked and harassed you

There are many things related to what makes good or bad Feng Shui
and below you will find some good links
to learn more of those details.

But understand this much and you will improve your life,
your health and your practice of the Craft.

Work with the flow of energy

Aid it to come to you and surround you and you
will see an increase in good things, all the way around,
as you are in harmony with the music of life.

May your home and your life be blessed

And have strong positive Feng Shui !

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The dragons not a link to anything
he's just here for the pages Good Feng Shui.. and I like him... :)

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