..........Jeweled scarab............

Scarab of Life

At one time, on my wanderings along the Pagan Path
I followed the Way of Isis and Hermetic Magick
She is still ever in my Prayers ... However

Ceremonial Magick, as was practiced by Egypt, didn't sit well with me
( The Cabala , is the only form of Ceremonial Magick I can Live with :)
but it did give me a very good foundation of magical practice,
which I have built on over the years

The religion of Egypt was the First Religion, other than a
Christian based one, that I took on ... and analyzed
Which gave me the basics ... for all the others that followed

The Ways of Old Egypt Taught me Many things
Many of which will be familiar to you... I hope :)
I would like to share some of them with you

The Way of the Pyramid

Pyramidal Power is as Old as time and about as mysterious...
Mysterious in that it works :)

There are many theories on why the Ancients built such temples
As a sign Post for Ancient Aliens..? :)
As a lighting Rod to certain Stars and Constellations
For the Souls Flight ?

As a means of Preservation for the departed ?
The first two we may never know ..
But the last of preservation, works very nicely .. ever try it..? it's a trip :)

But the reality is much simpler than that

Planet Earth is composed of four elements whose sign in Alchemy
is a square ... the Egyptians are the Fathers of Alchemy
Four triangles compose a square. Each triangle represents an element.
The point in the center, is the point where all of the elements meet.

This looks like a box with an X in it
Pull on the point of the X and add height and you have a pyramid

Any other aspects were added, after this simple rendition of elements

The Ancient Egyptians worshiped life not death, contrary to what most people think,
and wished to bring all the signs of the Elements that make up a man into play
In this case, in the shape of his resting place

The reverence and recognition of the Elemental forces ,then and now
are forces to be reckoned with. The study of which gave me my first lessons
in respect for them And My first lessons in how to interact with them

"And, the strongest, most widely held belief in this world of old time,
was that the universe was a static constant and that in all things,
natural or ethereal, there was a duality, or a balance. "

As above so below, but to a degree that we would find
almost childish in the modern day light, but perhaps we should not

All things are related to each other, there is a balance
to be gained when one is in Harmony with all that lives
A worthy Goal even now. Again, the first time I discovered this concept was
during the study of the Nile people

They believed in enjoying life and focused their energies on life, no matter if they were high or low status.
They believed that their purpose for being here was part of the nature of life, the Karma of all things

The preservation of the body after death was important to them, as their fate in the afterlife,
depended upon how they behaved in the land of the living .
Which included how they treated the Dead

Which is pretty consistent with how we believe now

Both Pharaoh and citizen, believed in the afterlife, and used the powers of observation
to learn the mysteries of the natural world, to improve their chances in that afterlife


So they could control the forces to their advantage both above and below ground
To them the After life was much the same as this life
but not as hard, so they wanted to be prepared to take it as easy as possible
in the land of Midnight Sun ,  which is what they called their Heaven

Their powers of Observation now, that was something useful to learn
How to know what the Gods will of you .. via signs and portents in the environment itself,
a tactic that still works just fine. Even in our Modern world

"They revered science and the spoken word and believed that nature in the form
of their gods, had to be respected and protected"

Sounds like Mother Earth to me.. :)
Then and Now

The Opening of the Mouth Rite, gets its name from its use in the funeral rites.
Its use to the living, is that it helps one develop the power of Maa Kheru, or 'right speaking'.

The path of the Spiritual Warrior, to allow right action to flow through you,
as My Current path would say

This is a power that is essential in the mastery of Heka,
or practical magick. Of which I have page after page that speaks to the issue
of Know thyself, Be right with it all, in order to work Magick

Magick and divination played a Mega role in Egyptian beliefs
The Egyptians believed that everything has living magic
The Feng Shui or Chi, as we would call it now

The actions of sacred birds and animals, could show the will of the gods
and with the right divination system, all things could be known

Which is pretty much the same as we believe now

My First Divination system was a set of Cartouche Cards
which are more talisman than Divination. I still have most of them
and Use them from time to time

The Egyptian notion of hr-nfr (fresh face) the wearing of Masks
to perform Magick, was to remove themselves from the mundane
As when you mask your daily face, you are no longer just you

Much as we do, when we don ritual robes
Again for me, this was the first look at WHY do we do that
What's the point with the Get up ? As I saw it then
This gave me reason One. I have learned Many others

The Egyptians considered magic to have three traditions;
those of priests, mathematicians and engineers.

Priests used mostly ritual magic. High Ritual as it was called, Ceremonial Magick
that I never could "get into" really, but it fascinates me still to this day

Mathematicians were the most versatile,
with a wide selection of fast spells. Based on Numerology
This one too ... I have never have been able to make Numbers like this
talk to me, with MY math skills.. hehehehe I don't think so

Engineers built great edifices and gave buildings magical powers:
but they rarely cast magic directly. What they called Magic
we call the science of engineering, which is very magical in its own way

All these things combined showed me the First baby steps on a path
which has led to where I Now stand.

Thank you Great Mother Isis. For your teaching of a Wayward Child ,
Who didn't have a clue

You stand by me still ,as your name Echoes in all that I do
Your first People, long past
Were my Mentors, when My feet did not know how to dance

Hail and Blessings Mother Isis
Thank You


Winged Isis

May the Wings of Isis Blow the Winds of Good Fortune your Way