Earth by Pagan Art

The spinning blue ball we live on
The Way of Stability and Growth

Seems like those two words are a contradiction at first glance doesn't it ? :)

Stable, yet growing...but to function well, one needs both. A firm base upon which to stand,
that allows for growth the roots of a tree, or the base of mountain

Earths forces are all the aspects of life at once.. including death and decay
As this is how Earth grows and changes, the spinning blue ball
is only the base that all the rest depends on ... that is forever changing

The Way of Earth is to become as the Earth, stable, secure in the self,
able to change and grow and if need be for growths sake, allow some parts to die,
that other, stronger forms may live.To be as the Earth is to be practical
to the point of extreme, yet as diverse as the snowflakes,
each thing having it's own unique style and it's own place

Having a place....ah that ones dear to me...who have lived my life as a Gypsy.
The stability of roots, a place to call home..but you see I am Home, always
As I take that home with me wherever I go, I am my own stability,
and basis for my own growth

A place, is  just a place...the stability comes from within or not at all

The Way of Earth is both light and dark and all the shades in between,
and Earth makes no distinction between them. As each has it's purpose and place.
We humans tend to fear the shadows.....the dark....yet imagine a world
where there was no dark ? It would be without the mercy of cool shadows
and shaded places...even in the places of Earth were the light never shines, there is life

To call upon the Earth in circle is to ask for grounding,
for growth and for change, all at once. We seek the wisdom of the seed,
which appears as dead, until it knows the touch of earth,
and then it transforms and brings forth new life

May your Way be ever growing and changing


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