The so called " Pagan "
People Playing Dungeons and Dragons with our religion

Dispelling the Darkness

This image is called dispelling the Darkness, intended to mean the darkness of spirit or Evil for lack of a better word
dispelled by the powers of light, but for a moment I would like to talk about so called
 " Dark Magick " and its effects for your average Pagan.

I say so called, because to my lexicon there is no such thing, there is magick
where the sender intends good and magick where the sender intends ill. Period !

Given the Karma of the second act, only a fool would want to try it to my way of thinking,
but to each their own risks.

This is not about those of the Left hand paths, or those that follow the ways of the Dark Mother,
or anyone else who follows a " dark " magick path as a semantic word definition,
who does so with conviction and good intent. All Magick is just a tool, it is how it's used that matters.
Dark and Light are two sides of the same thing and any good walker of the way knows this.

This is not even about all the traditions and aspects of " Pagan " that I may or may not personally agree with.
I'm not trying to start a Witch War ... or show prejudice to other groups of Pagans because
the people I will be talking about here, to me, are NOT any kind of Pagan.
But who use the name Pagan, because we let them, to our detriment.

This is about those who are playing Dungeons and Dragons with our religion
who call themselves or are called Pagan, who wouldn't know the Goddess or the God
if they set up house in their living room ! But by their actions cause others to hate and fear us
and take us less seriously, as they the feed stereotypes about us.
Stereotypes we have been trying to correct for years.

I am honestly sorry if this offends anyone, but I cannot stand by and be silent 
while people defame the very Name of my religion.

This is about those who name themselves after the evil magician or chaos cleric
 of the current favorite
role playing game or movie, who claim to hex people
and lay spells on them, and Call it " being Pagan ". When in fact, its because they
have no desire
to be what they really are perhaps, as they see themselves as powerfull,
so they need some excuse to be different, more powerful.

And it's not because they
have taken on some fiction writers philosophy, that can be very useful,
but because they want to escape reality perhaps ?

I read works of fiction that often hold a great deal of meaning for me.
Mother put them there for me to see and understand whatever it is she needs me to see,
many things can be learned this way, as fiction writers can be a hand of the divine, just like anything else.
It's not the source that is the problem, it's what you do with it.

Like the real Knights of the Jedi, who are neither Dark, nor escapist
nor even really Pagan, by their own rights but are often considered so
I happen to know some of them and they are a completely different thing entirely, eminently worthy folk, :)
who follow a light path, that just happens to follow a very well thought out plan of values,
who happens to be a fiction writer.

The Mother can get the word out in any way she wants, even Star Wars. It's the 21th century !
It does not need to come from some moldy old tome, to have validity. 

But they don't think they can do what they see on the Movies, this is no game they play,
they just happen to think the moral philosophy is a good one, that is worthy of following
I agree with them.

This is not about them.

But calling oneself a Dark Pagan Wizard as a game VS trying to behave as if one really is an evil wizard
with power, based on some role play, is quite another matter. This is someone who has no clue
what being any sort of Pagan really means but calls themselves one, to our detriment.

And we all know about them and have seen them, so I am not talking about some way whacked out stuff
on the end of the yarn ball here
 or trying to slander anyone but
these people are out there, and in very large numbers.

So given these facts, it any surprise some people don't take our Religion seriously ?
Would be hard to, while these folk are considered " real " Pagans by the uninformed,
just because they say they are, and ape some of our outward forms ?

It's something to consider.

This is about the so called " vampires" or " werewolves"
 who are not just speaking from the allegory of the traits of these fictional beings,

which can be a fascinating study. This is not about those who call on animals guides or the Fae or dragons ..
this is about the people who really believe they are a vampire or were who are getting off on the " Evil" of it all apprently.

Who call themselves Pagan

To consider the philosophy and history behind what created the stories of vampires and werewolves is a fascinating,
if very sad part of human history. To study it is one thing, to learn from the stories and from history ,
but to really think you ARE one of these blood thirsty beings is the sign of a person with
perhaps some un-resolved issues to put it mildly.

This deliberate association with Evil, has nothing to do with being a Pagan.
With people like this running around calling themselves Pagan,
it is any wonder when you tell someone your Pagan who does not know any better than this for an example,
that they look at you like your dangerous ?

I'm talking about the people who seem to be obsessed with blood and death
or try to call on " demons " and other such foolishness and think this has anything to do with being Pagan,
dark or otherwise, and in the process, give people the idea that to be Pagan, means to be some
sort of blood thirsty, demon lover, because they call themselves Pagans and seem to revel in such things.

We are not talking the Gothic faiths and other such folk
who have their own ways of looking at things,I have many friends who are goths :)

I'm talking the downright, near psychopathic people who revel in evil, and call it Pagandom

Demonology is a fascinating study from a historical point of view, but unless one has, say the power of Solomon
calling on them is the act of a fool, that no Pagan in their right mind would do.

The only thing a Pagan needs to know about " Demons " for lack of a better word,
is how to defend yourself from beings that mean you ill. Most Demons of the old world, were not beings at all.
They were the demons of lust, of vanity, of drunkenness. Meaning if you were one who indulged in such things,
a " demon " of a bad mind set, must have had a hold on you.

It does not matter if you are talking about this kind of demon or the very real beings of ill intent,
It's not something anyone with any sanity even attempts to summon, no matter what you call it.
Blood and Death are not something to be reveled in, they are a fact of life, nothing more.

And again, because these folk are out there who revel in such darkness, and call themselves Pagans,
should we really be suprised when we tell someone we are Pagan, that
They run from us in Fear ?

I'm talking about people who have read some so called Black Magick rite who are doing some
Mumbo Jumbo, meaningless garbage up in the woods
Who call themselves Pagan

I am not talking the rites of Voden, or the ways of the Necromancer, and others who are serious people
who practice their rites of the divine in their own way as they have for centuries who are often
considered into " dark " Magick. Their ways may not be my way, but their intentions are much the same,
to worship and make connection with the divine. 

Even in the rites of Voden, where animals are often still sacrificed
it is done with respect and the animal is cooked and eaten
as part of the rites. Which I respect,

This is not about them.

This is about the cruel people who kill some poor animal, they can not even eat,
in a perversion of a
 " rite " for no good reason than some sort of sick power trip, 
then even worse, they often leave this travesty laying around for others to find, making

a lot of people think some real Pagans ... did this, because they profane our symbols while they are at 
and leave these symbols, ones that are sacred to us, all over their handiwork.

The recent passage of Samhain carried with it yet again the warning to the population at large
to keep their cats close to home,
 as every year poor pet felines are put to death in the fields
for nothing, other than some perverted groups cruelty,
who profanes our high holy day with such " rites "

And the worst pity of it is, it's completely meaningless.

These people are not Pagans. And while their so called " rites " are meaningless, in the real sense of the word,
they are extremely damaging. To a lot more than the poor cat they murder and their grieving owner.

As every year at, All Hollows this happens and the next day the newspapers carry the tales
that condemn all " Pagans " yet again,
 due to the so called " black rites " 
these sick people practice, on our highest of Holy Days, that we get the blame for.

Which is what prompted this page to be written, when I became sick of heart yet again, over this
condemnation of me and mine, over something no self respecting Pagan would have anything to do with.
And it made me recall all of the other so called " Pagans" who defame what we are to the world.

This kind of nonsense, is what we have fought for centuries to irridcate.. the idea
that we, of the Pagan faith, are evil magicians who hex people.

Who hold bloody revels, who kill cats ( or worse ) at midnight, and call forth demons, none of which,
any sane person, in this day and age, should even begin to believe.

And yet the beliefs persist because there are people out there today
who go out of their way to foster this belief by their outlandish behavior that has no relationship
to the Great Mother or any God.  

These people are erroneously called Pagan, because their outward form  fits a common stereotype
people believe about Pagans in general. Or they ape our dress, or profane our symbols.

So they, outwardly at least, look like us, and or call themselves by our Name.

This is about people who are looking for kicks. A desire to be seen as Evil in my personal opinion.
Now why anyone would want such a thing is beyond any sense of reason. But, unfortunately it's quite common,
some people would rather be feared than appreciated, it's more exciting I guess.
To do the forbidden gives them some kind of thrill and false sense of power, I suppose.

But it has nothing to do with being Pagan IMHO

Pagan is a lot of things, and the umbrella term covers a lot of people, as it should.
But I for one, am sick and tired of it " covering " people who are not in any real sense Pagans.

Tolerance is one thing, and letting people live life as they choose is fine and dandy, but our silence on these issues,
just allows our name and our religion to be sullied, by people who could care less about the Goddess or the God,
who call themselves Pagan ... just to try to excuse unacceptable behavior.

We are not alone in this, other religions fight this battle too
of people calling themselves of their faiths, that are a major embarrassment or foster mis-conceptions.
So it's not just Pagandom that has this problems, every religion on the planet has this issue.

It's time we stop being so silent, and tell these people and everyone else,
that its not acceptable to profane the name Pagan this way

To really Be a Pagan in this world is hard enough given the prejudice we often must overcome,
that these kinds of things just foster and continue. It's time we Pagans put a stop to these people...
to correct these assumptions and to make them stop dragging the name Pagan through the mud, blood and fantasy
and to tell them to stop giving people the wrong idea of what being a Pagan really means, in the process.

Until we do, the belief that we are dangerous, evil, bloody handed demon summoners, will continue.

And as long as all these so called " Pagans" who foster the stereotypes
and keep doing such outrageous things under the name Pagandom
makes it that much easier for the hate and fear to continue.

Its time for that to end, without hate or malice to any liveing soul, 
but a firm understanding of reality
, that these things are NOT what is mean to be Pagan.