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Drawing Down the Moon

If you have ever been around Pagans discussing their rites,
you have most likely, heard this phase

Now ... it does not mean literally going up there
and getting it and bringing it home in your pocket.. :)

So what does this mean .. ? The Short Version

To become the Goddess ... is the act of "drawing" down the moon
as the Moon is a symbol for the Great Mother, creating a transformation of sorts
from a mundane Human, the High Priestess ... to an Avatar of the Goddess

To speak with the voice of the Goddess is the intent here, the "invocation"
or summoning, is much the same as for other rites
But the will to be filled, is all you really need

In a few words, becoming the Goddess is a form of ritual possession
an altered State of consciousness, of surrendering yourself
to the will of the Goddess, to get her blessings, her teachings,
and for personal empowerment for the self, or to share her words with a group

This is similar to what we do in most rites .. with a twist .. in this one, we are seeking
a much more "personal" direct connection with the Divine

There are other parallels, the rites of Voden, where the Priest or Priestess
becomes the " horse" ridden by the Gods. In the Christian faith of Pentecost
the act of speaking in tongues, from the dawn of time to now,
this concept has been known and practiced by many faiths

It is often used as a Self invocation rite ... what better way to ... commit yourself
to the Gods service, than by literally inviting them in :)

One of the rites I practice as Cupbearer ( which means I am into chalice magick )
is a kind of drawing down the moon, the cup is filled with dark wine,
and positioned so that the full moon is reflected in it, then the ceremony is done,
drawing the moon's ... therefore the Mothers ... power to the cup
which is then shared with all

This is similar to the old Moon blood rites, in which menstrual blood was
( and in some cases still is ) used, as it is sacred, for its power to create Life

Anyway.. back to topic ..  the Moon tends to be more sacred to women
than men mainly because we are so effected by the thing itself,
the ebb and flow of our lives, is dictated by its cycles

Because of this, the moon rite is often done in conjunction with the, coming of Age Rites

This is when a young girl passes from girl ... to woman ... in terms of her body,
her first cycles, which are a cause for celebration, and often this is the first
"real" rite any girl child of a Pagan parent is involved in, directly. A young Pagan girl's introduction
to the world of women, and being introduced to the Goddess, in person :)

Drawing Down the Moon is all about the Mother and her ways.
There is another rite called Drawing down the Sun, for men, which is still a moon rite
as the moons light is just reflected sunlight, so both are used, but the Moon rite
is much more commonly performed by both genders

While such rites are done mainly at the full moon .. they can be done anytime ..
Mother is always there .. :) Even during the Dark, when there is no moon

Such rites are very powerful and empowering when done well, as I am sure you can see why .
Being filled with the Presence of a Goddess, is bound to effect one
Just a little bit :)

Not for the Moon powered is sitting tamely and justlistening, but taking action, 
being creative, finding
fulfillment while communing with the Mother. 
This is the time to dance, to chant
, to bang the drum and move to the beat.

To feel the presence of the Mother
personified, on a level we can relate to directly.
A time to make your needs known.
A time to give thanks for blessings bestowed.
A time just to Be, with the Mother

This is drawing down the Moon .. In the Mothers Pale Arms we can know Peace
and Passion ... as one :)

Blessed Be Fellow Moon Bathers :)

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