Dark Mother

Hail to the Dark Mother

Hail to the Dark One

Illuminator of the Heart

Midnight's Dark Questor

Beneath the Pale Moonlight

Hail and Fair Welcome Tender Lady of Night

To Thee I Bring my Fears and Woe

To Thee my Heartaches ... Bright Blessings Flow

My Human soul Quails to Look on Thy Face

Only the Brave May see your True Grace

The Dark Gloom is Pierced by your Light

Great Womb of the World, from you all things are Born

From Struggle and Strife are all things made Right

To Rest in Quiet Slumber in Your Arms of White

Hail Shadowed Lady, When its Time for things to End

To Be reborn of Thy Grace, From Death, we Transcend

Birth, Life and Death are all Thy Domain

Hail Great Mother of Shadow ... Glory to Thy Name


Neon bar and rose ... a student work released to public domain ..
Stephen Lars ... Nod and Smile in his direction

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