Cyber Covens and remote healing ... waste of time or a very real event ?
Channeling Energy in the 21st century, by Pagan Art
Channeling Energy in the 21st century

Hello, this question comes up a lot. So thought I would devote a few more pixels to the issue.

There are many that feel that unless a coven is in "real life" it's not real. End of discussion.

Ditto goes for remote healing or Reiki sending. Now the question is, are they right ?

In my personal opinion, NO, for several reasons, the above image is an example of one of them.

Telephone lines, which is what the picture is supposed to represent.
Lines bursting with energy and power that we Cyber Pagans, send to each other and to others.

There is, in a very real sense of the word, a physical connection between the sender and the receiver.
Every time your in a chat room, email, instant message, you are literally connected,
via a physical wire of metal, ceramics or optics, to the person your talking to.

It's no different than if you picked up the phone and were talking to them using your voice, the connection is the same.
Now, an experience that many Thecno Pagan's have had, is crashing their computer 
when they send energy thorough it, or watching their
clock  in the system tray run backwards 
when they blast the screen with power to send to another. 

Enough evidence in and of itself to prove that real power is being sent, but is it being received ?

Oh yes, very much so and with good, sound physics, as the reason why.

What is the power we send ? For the most part it's electrical, the body runs on it and the mind can easily channel it.
And what are the wires we speak over intended to carry ? Electrical impulses, so is it any great leap of reasoning to
believe that it can and does carry the power we send ? I personally think it's not hard to accept.

Now does one NEED such a connection to send energy remotely ?
No, but the fact we can do so is widely accepted. 

Now, what does one normally do in real life, say during ritual with regard to power ?

We build up the power and send it out. Using the ley lines of earth, which are themselves electrical in nature.
So again, even to raise and send out a cone of power, we have to consider the metaphysics of the action.

As they are the same thing, the lines of force of the earth itself can be measured by their electrical output.

Even person to person, you are doing the same thing, the only difference is you can reach out and touch them.
Which for some things is best, but not entirely required.

The will is all that matters, if you will that the power you have raised be sent to a given person
and they accept that gift, distance is irrelevant. I have held both "real" life rituals as High Priestess and Cyber rites
and you know what, there is absolutely no difference between them, as long as all participants
are in mind, soul and heart connection with each other.

In fact, I find there tends to be a bit more connection perhaps, as each party has to concentrate on sending the power outward,
there is less distraction and there is a literal physical line between the coven and their HP, direct to them.
It's no difference than standing together and holding hands, just our reach is a great deal longer. :)