fireRideing the comets tail, by Pagan art, Me :)fire
Just Came in on the Rocket Ride... ?

Or Just feeling like your " New to the Planet " ?

Walking the Pagan Path ... is like riding the comet,
Tricky business to do correctly, but what a Ride :)

This whole page .. presumes Reincarnation
as a fact and a working premise .. If you think that's a load of space dust
read on anyway, as the information contained herein is good to know
Even if you don't believe you have stood here before :)

Have you ever felt like you were totally clueless
and wondered if there was a better way to figure things out ?
Or do you have to learn it all the hard way as you are New to the planet

Maybe you are ? But maybe, you just haven't dug deep enough

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and said
WOW ! !
Because the soul you see looking back at you has been on the rocket ride so many times,
their inner self, feels like it's as old as the Stars themselves ?
And you feel like a new blade of Grass to be near them ?

I have .. and was lucky enough to have the presence of mind
to ask them a few questions. And Even luckier that they were inclined
to answer a few with regard to " How to find a better way to live and act,
without having to re invent the Wheel ' ?

And I have discovered a few on my own since then

For those on the Pagan Paths and those who are not
My gift to you as it was given me
Do read on please

Now most of the information I am about to say is already spread all over various pages
but it occurred to me that not everyone will read All of them

So I decided to make this page of all of the things I was told and have learned
regarding how to act, on the Path .. All in one place ..

So to those of you. My Avid Ones ..
bless your hearts :) Who have read all the other pages already,
This will be a refresher and perhaps helpful to see it all together
And there's a few new things .. I haven't put anywhere else :)

Links to the pages in reference,
will be placed on the bottom of the page
and inside the text for those interested

Enough Chit Chat right ? Onward then :)

Number One Way


When we plow into the Planet , we do so, with all kinds of information
but, since we came back, as a child , all that's suppressed, till later, but in many cases
it never returns again, other than some odd bits that force their way up,
through the day to day mind and just hands it to you, without you seeking it.

As in, Ever need an answer to something
and suddenly you just " Know" what to do ?

This is the Database inside your head .. handing you something
you already worked out, in another time, because your NEED to know
forced the mind to go find it . The Mind, is like a good computer
Works fast, can do all manner of things, but like any computer
is as dumb as a box of rocks unless you pose the right question to it
Garbage in -Garbage out , as the saying goes.
We have to learn how to pose the right questions, it's not instinct,
it's planned action

Meditation is how one digs into your own head
and see what you Really know. The things you will find are sure to
surprise you ... When one is centered and quiet ... you can hear yourself think, literally !
And if you do this, you will start to see things ,
that in this time and space, perhaps you should Not know

I don't mean Not ... as in, it's wrong to know, but Not 
as in you have no reason to know. You have never been exposed to the information

Yet, you have it. This to me is proof beyond reason, that we have lived more than once
this store of knowledge, our ability to reason out things of which we have no direct knowledge.
This is what Meditation brings you. The Knowledge of your past lives ,
the accumulation of things gathered on the wheel of Reincarnation
and our ability to access the Asharic records

Number Two

Reason and Logic

Once you have this information that your mind just handed you,
since it came "outa the blue" we tend to doubt it. So what to do ?
Reason it out, shake it .. poke it .. prod it .. run it through every test
of reason you have and see if it holds up.

You may notice I didn't say use Logic first ?
There is good reason for this, we tend to think things out ,
backwards .. logic .. then reasoning, which fails us.

Logic is just a systematic way .. to reason ..
So reasoning has to come first.
Does this information your mind
just gave you, in short. Make sense ?

Using Logic alone can get you into real trouble with things
Why ? If your premise, which is the first thought, that all logic is based on
is wrong, then the whole thing is wrong.


Women Like Cats
I am a Woman
I like Cats

Which in my case happens to BE true ... but it does not hold true for ALL women.
I know women who can't stand feline fur persons !
Can't understand why ... I love my little fur people with attitude :)

Anyway .. Onward

The premise was wrong, which is why it doesn't work
 Reason now, would say it this way

Most Women like Cats
I am a Woman
and I happen to like Cats

This is reason .. it's also true .. :)

This is what the Buddha did on his own path to enlightenment
This kind of simple, basic understanding, that often fails us

He left over 8000 Dharmas , which are just his words of what he
discovered on his way to self enlightenment.
So if your thought passes the test of reason, try this

Number Three

The Philosophy of Reality

From the time of antiquity to now, there have been great thinkers.
People who, have spent their lives, reasoning out things,
Like Buddha, but there are many many more.

I know, I know, Philosophy, ya got it in high school or College
and unless it was your bag, you were bored to tears .. right ?

Well, I will try not to bore you .. promise
because it bears on how one can figure out
what's what, what is Real, what do you really know
and more importantly, How to know what are you supposed
to do on the path of life ?

Observation, is the key, from the Egyptians, to Plato
they were all people of very high observational skills
in short, they took time to really look at and figure out
what was right in front of their face.

We don't often do this in the current day world,
we tend to take things as fact,
when in fact, they very often .. aren't ..!

Like this page your reading .. words right .. No .. pixels
A billion tiny little squares on a monitor,
The pictures ? Same thing , they are not " real ",
You cant touch them ,they have no reality at all
other than as electrical impulses through a wire,
which are then translated by the machine,
into the order that I want them to be, I hope anyway :)

I don't even have any of it printed out .. No printer :)
So, if the Web went and my putter went, so would all the words,
as if it never was, except for in the mind
Yours and mine, their form, which is their only reality

Their form, is very real .. each word I think ..
each click of the mouse to make the images .. my intent ..
is very much real, and these intentions are what you are really reading,
my mind, as it were ( ya didn't know you were Psychic did ya :)

Now that you have thought about it a second, you see I am quite right
Even grade school children, Know this,
but how often do we think of the Web,
in terms of what it really is ?

So too with everything else, once you start looking at reality,
as reality, a great many things start to make sense,
as well as take one heck of a load off of your mind.

Test a things reality, what is it ?
 You Can do this, you have the same tools to hand
as any of the great philosophers, who were just people, like you

Then you can apply this test of reality
to your own thoughts and see how real they really are.

Now if they get by that

Number Four

Responsible Action

Now that we have our minds impute, we have tested it with reason and reality,
now we have to ask the question .. is it right .. as in the correct thing to do ?
Understand however, just because something is right ,does not make it right do so

The tyranny of the righteous, how many times have you been accosted or harassed
by someone who WAS right .. but ya wanted to slap em upside the head anyway ?
Lot's right ? Ok, why ? They are right, correct ?

But that does not make it right to act on your newfound thought.
Tricky huh ? Ethics , and Integrity are the two key words here

The ultimate " how to know " if what you think you should do, you really should ?
Most followers of the Pagan Paths have many such ethical creeds they follow
or try to .. the Wiccan Rede, the Nine noble Virtues and so on and so on ..
all regarding how one should conduct oneself

So having a good reasonable, realistic thought on how to use the knowledge
the mind in Mediation gave you is not quite enough.
As you now have to consider others, before you take any action

Now I know this sounds like a lot of work ..
but you can see why most of the Sages of old .. did little ..
This is the why, Morals and Ethics'
To do what's right, for all beings, not just yourself

Now say your new found thought is also Ethical
and will not hurt anyone in the process ?

Then Do It !

As that is all there is, you have a quiet mind that serves you thoughts,
deep real thoughts, of the nature of things, that pass the test of reason, and reality ..
and are not only right, but Ethical to do ?

Then you have a thought of action worthy of taking ..
and if you have done the job well. You literally can't go wrong with it
Unless you failed to apply the tests of reason, reality etc. properly

Not only that, it's very easy to take such action .. you fly down the path to do it ,
as it's effortless. Just like your rocket ride to come back
and relearn it all, which you just did .. feels good huh ?

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