Chakra Meditation
In Basic

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Chakras as they relate to the Craft

The Cabal and its relation to the Craft

There are other issues as well, that relate to the topic
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That done... on with the tactics and ideas ,
of the how and why of Chakaric meditation.

First off why?

In the practice of the Craft, one draws Earth energy,
through the Chakra centers of the body
and uses it to power the ritual.

Therefore, the reason for this page,
as one must be in control of ... and in tune with,
these energy centers to do this well.

And the best way to do that, is Meditation on the Chakras.

This fine tunes these centers into top form
and incidentally tunes up you right along with them.

Allow me to explain

These centers are related to our physical and emotional life.
See above link Chakras for more details  on the related centers.

Focus on these centers allows you to make them work for you.

When you call on the power in the Craft,
if the Chakras are aligned and you are in tune with them,
the flow is that much easier and more powerful.

Why such colors, in that order and why do these things
make Craft work better/easier ?

A little science fact for you.. :)
Light is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding us.

The light frequencies are recognized as color through the eyes and brain.
When white light hits a prism, it is seen as seven rainbow colors

It should come as no surprise that the human body
has seven main chakras, that vibrate harmoniously
with these seven color frequencies.

The list of things that relate go on and on, so you can believe or not
as you please, but this works for your health, well being
and the serious work of the Craft, which is why your reading this right? smile

Here is a simple little exercise
to get you started :

Put on some comfortable clothes,
sit down in a comfortable position, on the floor
( it's best to brace your back against something..
they even sell special "chairs" for this but anything
that will support your back will do..)

And make the mind and body still..
( for a good description on how to do that see my Meditation page. )
Once you have achieved a relaxed state, breathing comfortably
then try this image:

Imagine that there is a pole running through your body, and attached to this pole ,
like a row of lights, are your Chakras.
The objective, make each one light up with the right color.

Aura of the Chakras

To see this image large size, please see my sale Gallery Links

Number one, think sexy... grounded... reality... they all work as they are all correct...think red.. fire... heat...until you can feel the thing heat up...feel the redness spread throughout your pelvis...for me I know I have woken it up when it feels like I am sitting on a heating pad on low.. :)

Number two think golden glow, think stoking the furnace, the coals on the grate, the place of digestion which runs it all, with energy, until you can feel the flow to the body of the glow of energy, like warm lava flowing about.

Number three, think of the yellow of sunshine, the comfort of a good meal, the feel of warmth on your face on a lazy day... until you feel the quite flow of energy from this center spill out over you, like the sunshine in a window.

Number four, think of the green of growing things, the growth of love in the heart, the spinning of passion for a lover, for life..until you feel the energy of this center, ray outward towards your hands/feet/head.

Number five, think of the blue of cool water, the color of sky and the voice which is the instrument of the will... with words we communicate think of it vibrating softly like the vocal cords do...until you feel a buzz in that area...

Number 6 the color purple .. the center of the mind...think of lightning, strobe lights, all in purple, the color of the stormy sky...
until you feel your mind electrified...

Number 7 is the higher self ... the crown above your head ...whose color is indigo..the last color of the spectrum is all colors at once...
so from the end ... to the beginning back to bright white and upwards, out of your head

See the indigo fade to shinning white light...
running around your head like a halo

Chakra rainbow

( Now you know why the old masters painted religious icons with halos..
and kings who were considered the divine on Earth, with a "crown" )


See them run up the pole faster and faster.. until they are one stream of white light

Breath in
Drawn the energy from the ground
Breath out
Run that energy through the chakras
Out the top of your head like a whale breaths out air

Keep doing this until you can run this flow independent of the breath
and sustain a continuous flow of energy through the chakras and out of the body

No direction yet for it, your not "aiming it" at anything ..this is just learning to do it at all..
this is also very cleansing to the body and healing as well, so it's good for

Remember in Close Encounters when they played the music
DA DA DA da DA ? just single notes to start
until they came to understand each other
and then lights were flying across the thing?

This is kinda like that...
Do you need to run through at warp speed. all the time?


I just want you to get the feel for it as this is what one does
at speed and without thought when doing ritual and most healing work.

Only at this point you are trying to do it deliberately
which is very different than doing it by sheer instinct.

It is a good thing to work with each center, alone,
and become familiar with them.

There is great healing work
that be accomplished in such a manner
which is a common use of Chakric energy.
Do visit this fine healer in the Chakra arts
A very good site on Healing work with whom I am linked

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