Casting The Circle
With dear friends of mine .. I have been doing on line rites for some time now
and at one point was asked .. how do you cast the circle anyway ?

This page is based on what I told them  .. which I now share with you :)

A very brief and light description here with few details
see link at page bottom for a much more detailed version
if your interested


The basics of casting a circle ... an introduction

The circle is any defined space ... in which you hold a rite...

The basic elements most often are

The quarters as they are called.. N, E, S, W
or Earth, Air, Fire, Water

These  elementals, represent a great many things,
for circle casting you invite the representatives of these elements to join you
for the rites power and your own protection

I use the Archangels most often myself... but there are many other ways

The circle itself... by tradition is 9 feet around... but I have found
that unless I am outdoors, I don't often have that much room to work with
so any defined space is fine


Both yourself ... the body by water and the spirit of negative vibes, often by smugeing

A hot bath or shower, with herbs like Lavender or sage ... is cleansing to the body
and sets the mind in the right frame .. soft lights ..  a little meditation..
whatever soothes and helps you focus

Donning robes or special clothes further sets the mind in motion
that you are moving out of the mundane ... but street clothes or none
( skyclad ) works just as well .. find a way that you feel most comfortable in.

Then assemble all the elements you plan to use

Things like

4 candles for the elements.. brown or green.. earth
white or gray.. or orange.. fire.. blue or green water
The colors do not really matter, these are just suggestions.

A dish of salt .. a container of water.. a spring of a plant.. a means to make fire..
like incense sticks .. there's is all of them at once,  but water.. in one place.. likewise.. clear crystal..
as they are made of water.. which becomes rock, which has trapped air and was made of fires pressure..
so it's all of them at once ..there are many many possibilities... that you have some representative..
is all that matters ... to give the mind a focal point

The more of symbols you use,  the easier it is to
work in the manner your need to work .. as it helps focus the mind

Now.. go barefoot if you can .. it works better, read on for why .. and then
ground and center as it's called..what this means.. is to anchor yourself with the Earth .. as it's from the Earth
one draws power for the rite.. ( and yes this works inside too.. as the building is sitting on the earth..
but it just feels better ot most of us, to draw it directly...

Focus on your energy ... feel it connect with the Earth
meditate on it.. once you feel your.." grounded" then

Clean the space.. literally.. you intend to work in. .. both mundane.. sweep it or vacuum.. then again...
in a metaphysical sense...smudge it with herbs.. or take a besom 
( a broom, like the kind people use to make wall hangings.. )

and sweep without touching the ground... and sweep all negative vibes away
chant while doing so.. or drop into a meditative state ..  but focus on it...
make it work for you

Assemble your items in their respective areas...
let your intuition guide you on the placement of things .. there is no set formula
Feng Shui .. the placement of things .. is a matter of what is right .. to you

You are cleansed.......the space is cleansed..
all the elements of color and symbol are ready.

Then the circle must be built.. you are building two things
One ... a barrier to keep the world out .. and Two .. what you raise in...!

The simplest way to do this .. is with salt... walking deosil.. follow your right hand as a clock moves...
starting at whichever element calls to you..or is called for by the rite 
and slowly surround the space with tiny amounts of salt

as you reach each elements space ... call on the warders of that element ...
and invite them to join you and protect you...

When you reach the point you began ..  Having made sure you have everything you need 
before you close it together..
and then .. complete the circle

If you must leave it after that .. you have to open and close the way behind you..
like a door... or you break your own protections...

So now .. you have called the elements .. you have placed the circles boundaries
Now the rite begins..

Invite the Gods to hear and witness...
Speak the words you came to say.. make the prayers you came to make...

The reason most rites tend to have a beat to them.. is they are
A: Easier to remember and B: You can get into the sing song feeling of them
which makes them more focused and therefore more powerful..

They don't rhyme just because all rite writers are poets..  :)

But they don't HAVE to rhyme ... a heart full of passion and desire
with honest intent is all you really need ...
 your will matters ... not the words you use ... 
you could stand there and speak gibberish ... as long as your intent in your heart
is clear..
as that is what speaks ... we speak with our mouths to make it easier for us ... 
the Gods read the souls intent

Breathe in and pull the power from the Earth itself... as you breath out to speak the words ..
expel that power, charged
with your intentions...feel the words as tangible things

Breathe.. focus .. release the will over and over with each phase you speak...
If you are working with a group .. most often one person.. is the focus and they release it out to effect changes ...
normally the high priest/ess ... like a channel, you send this power to them ,and they in turn gather it from all
and send it out much larger and stronger than any one person could do alone...

This is the "cone of power" that I'm sure you have heard of

Once your aim is done ... the rites said .. your prayers made
Then its time to take down what you have built
Thank The Gods for their time and their help

Walking widdershins now .. follow your left hand ... reverse what you did
to set it up... sweep the salt away .. stop at each element and thank its representative
for their protection and attendance

When you reach the last ... then ground out yourself..
you do this by focusing and letting the power fill you one last time
and then let it return from whence it came ... and your rite is done

The very last thing to do ... is eat something as the taking in of food
completes the grounding process back to normal time and place

There are many many variations on this..
but this is the basics, for almost all rites for many pagan paths..

May it serve you well

For a much more detailed explanation
of how rite and ritual work, please see Here 

Or see Witch lessons


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