The Tree of life

This arch type as been around for a very long time...

The major contributors to it's study are the Hebrews ...
But they are by no means the first
Nor are they alone.
The following is a very basic explanation of this concept.

computer image of the Cabal Cabal by Japan Cabal of the Celts Tibetan dorji
modern day rendition of the tree of life Cabal of the Hebrews Cabal in the time of Abraham

....Cabal and the Tarot
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These are all depiction's of the same thing.

Taken from different eras, peoples ,countries.

Each generation seems to rediscover this primal memory and re-news it.

Each one has similar,
but very different aspects to describe and use, 
in an esoteric sense, the same thing.

More on that further down

They are, looking from left to right

A computer image of the Cabal in three dimensions \
using the old mathematical formulas..

The second is a stylized version from Japan.

Number three is the tree of life according to the Celts.

Number four the Tibetan dorji long used in their faith for a variety of purposes.

Number 5 a modern day rendition of the tree seen as a branch wrapped around the Earth.

Number 6 is the traditional form and names used by the Hebrews ..

Number 7 is the tree of life, woman style , as used by women in the time of Abraham ...
for Goddess worship did not die with the coming of Christianity :)
(this image is a modern day version, as the original is too faded to present well )

And Number 8 is the Cabal with the aspects of the Tarot conjoined with it.
( click on image to go to a page with an enlarged version to read details)

And there are many many more...
Each with there own history and purpose

So, what is this thing that all generations
seem to pick up on and call their own ?

To my Page on "what it is" The Tree of Life

Why does it seem to persist, even though most will tell you
it's just a thought construct, for looking at the aspect of creation?

Or a mathematical representation of the universe, or a road map to the astral plane..
A way of thinking about esoteric training and so many other things.?

So which one is right ?

None of them? ... All of them?
It depends on who you talk to... but one thing is certain
we all agree that it is real... it works ...
and for our purposes, that is all that matters

So how does this very complex idea work
for the Metaphysics of the Craft ?

Simple, it provides a very clear and easy to create
in the mind image, of how the planes of force can be used for one.

It also gives us a very good framework
to map out the aspect we wish to work on.

The Cabal gives us a road map of sorts, to the higher planes of thought
and creation. And this is what we tap into
when we do rite and ritual.

It's like this ...
The Earth has its own Ley lines of force.
We have our lines of force and
above it all is the framework of the Cabal
which is the one on the higher astral planes.

"As above so below" takes on real meaning
once this idea is understood.

It gives us a target at which, to aim the cone of power ...
which in turn, by our direction of will is sent to what area of the Cabal ...
that will make the most effective change.

Now does one need to know all this to use it ?
We do this intuitively every time we do ritual ... one hopes
but as you might imagine we could do it better, if we used it on purpose.

When we do ritual we call the power of Earth
and draw it through our bodies, and send it out along the Cabala
which is the larger version, of the bodies framework

I am sorry that I cannot find an image of this concept
but I am working on my own image of this
that I will post  ... when I get it right

But I think that you can imagine it easily enough

The imagery allows you to tap into all these resources with direction and purpose

As you work with these images you will find that they become more concrete
and easier to work with as time goes on.

Is it just an image of a concept ?
Or a very real line of force?
And does the answer to that really matter?

It works,
it does not matter which way you think of it
and the fact that it does work
says a great deal for its reality.

But you make up your own mind. :)

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