New thing I have started doing
found a neat little freebie animation maker :)

Some for fun, some serious biz..
just a few for now.. still learning how this all works...
there will be more .. :)


stop aids yes/no Pack a lunch he/she stop aids
Stars new email gif confused go home

Check back from time to time..
As I plan to enjoy my new little animation maker
but only the ones I really like will make it here

Blessings to one and all

P.S. If you do use one for your pages..
please let me know so I can see how you have used it.. :)

To Link back for the Graphics .. if you would be so kind

linkback for graphics

Button is linked
But should it fall off somewhere in cyberspace
please link to

Thank YOU :)



To my knowledge ALL images used
to create any composite images are public domain .....
if I am mistaken and you Know a bit to be YOUR creation
Please let me know and I will dismantle the work.. unless ya like what I have done ..
in which case I will be happy to provide credit for your part of the piece