American Pagan
starsHow we Define Ourselves to the Worldstars

Just recently, I had to "Defend" myself,
for want of a better way to say it, on an issue, that to be honest
I had not given much thought to how others might look at it

To Wit:

I am a Pagan .. I am Also an American :)

Now it's easy enough to say .. I am an American
when it comes to day to day life ...
and I am proud of that heritage

But with regard to being Pagan and my practice of the faith,
many people expect me to Identify more
with my bloodline .. not with my Nationality of birth

A woman I was talking to recently ...
is full blooded Irish .. and she asked me why
I didn't identify more, than I already do ,
with the Celtic way ?

She said I should do this and that, according to the old ways.
Why ? Because, according to my lineage, which is mainly Irish/German
...... this was the proper way ...... 

To which I told her ... " that's not how things are done .. here in the states "

She said 
" Is that how you define yourself ?
An American Witch ? "

To which I replied .
" of course .. I AM an American " :)

She felt that this was a denial of my Irish blood
I told her no.... in fact it was a celebration of it 
... all of it ...
not just the Irish part !

But that got me to thinking again, about how we Americans tend
to practice the faith ... and how we look at ourselves

Most Pagans in America follow one of the Elder paths of the faith 
and a great many of these, were practiced in Europe, true enough

As many European Witch's still practice them

We Americans do often have our roots there .. 
in Geo. type, as well as the faith and how we tend
to practice it .. also correct

However, we are a very mixed bag now of peoples 
not only in groups .. but .. 
and here's one of my points,
in ourselves ... My current family bloodline, with the 
Addition of my latest Grandchild, 
now boasts of every major blood line going :)
Heinz 57 .. grade A Mutts .. the lot of us 

And pleased to no end to be so ... Asian was the only 
bloodline we didn't have .. now with Kassandra .. 
.. we do, just a touch .. but .. it's in there :)

Now the bulk of my lineage is Irish/German, all ya gotta do
is look at me to see that :) and I do lean
towards that aspect with regard to the faith 

Being a dedicate 
of Freya and My Lord Thor  but I also 
have called on Isis, and Amaterasu, Asase Yaa
and a whole host of others ...............

I am as eclectic in my faith, as my bloodline is
And so are most American Pagans that I know

It's almost as if .. we are eclectic because we have to be :)

I used to envy friends, as a child .. who had a clearly defined bloodline .. 
they had celebration days and special cultural things that were ethnic based

We didn't have those in my family .. 
I mean, which one would we choose ? 

And it didn't make sense to try and do all of them .. !

I finally came to terms with that, 
one day, when I realized that my " lack "
of a definite bloodline, was not a lack at all, 
it was something of which to be proud

I mean pick a race .. pick a nation ..
you will find them all looking at you ..  when you look at me ..

I am not one nation ... I am all Nations ... 
All the colors ... all the Major Creeds ...
are all here

I am an American ... and Proud of it !

So yes .. I am an American Witch too .. who can and does 
pull from every esoteric practice going, and by blood, 
if you want to get picky, have a right to do so. 

Someone,  in the line of my forebears .. 
practiced it also .. by that definition

But not only that .. there is the American way to consider
The Melting Cauldron of the world, that has its own way 
of doing things that doesn't copy anyone

 I am not limited by this identification
just the opposite .. It opens all doors for me .. any path is mine to take 
as my ancestors walked there before me ... 
And I am Proud of each and every one of the multitude 
of peoples .... that make up .. Me :)

We need to stop denying the fact we are
Americans ...  no matter if we have European roots or not ... 
We are born here ... Our faith was born here ... 
we need to stop trying to "justify" ourselves 
by hearkening to our line of way back 
before it mingled with so many others ... 
there is nothing Wrong with our mixed heritage's 
.. on the street .. Or in the Circle 

So .. I am Not only Pagan and Proud of it

I am also an American Witch - and Proud of it 

Blessings on all the Walkers of the Way 
of ANY lineage :) But with a special smile
for my fellow American Mutts :)


My thanks to Ohio State University for the public domain images
Nod and smile their direction :)