DragonAmaterasu Goddess of DawnDragon

With the Mornings Sunrise
We see in your Eyes
The Hi-Machi .. Waiting for the Sun
So we may bow to Thee

Sacred Mirror of the Moon
Reflects thy Glory, thy Spirit
Thy Unity

First fruits We Offer
As we Ought
To reap a Bounty of Harvest
With thy Blessing  ... as we are Taught

Great Shining Heaven
Japans Pride ... Your
Warmth, Love and Compassion
Brings Us ever to Your Side

The Rice Fields are thy Creation
To see that Man is kept fed
The Seasons change with thy Hand
Blessed Weaver Whose all the Colors of Red

Obarae * Twice Yearly We Go
And Listen as the Priest Brings you all our Woe

Ancestress to the Line of Kings
Keeper to the Keys of Life
From you descend all Kami
The Spirits who walk in the Light

Hail to thee Great Mother Be
Great Dancer of the Skys

Hail and Blessing Dear Amaterasu
May We Ever see your Eyes

      -Obarae- *
"Is done twice a year in June and December
In this ceremony, a priest chants words and sentences
that are insulting to the goddess and then destroys the insults
by ripping hempen strips.  This exposes the problems
of the entire nation to Amaterasu
and then ritually destroys the problems"

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Art work by Me .. from a Public domain image of a Lovely Lady in Wedding dress Cira 1902
Honored Be her unknown name

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