flameHall of Records, by Pagan Art, Me :)flame

The Akashic Hall of Records
Past, Present and all the tomorrow's

What is this thing, you have heard people speak of ? A Library ... in mid air ?

No :) but it's not far off either, please allow me to explain
Readers digest version of this concept :)

(Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether" just for those who like their terms defined )

The concept of reincarnation... and recall of lives past... is what brings this to mind
as it is what it is all about, but...

In order to recall... some central record must be kept. The Christians have something similar
in the book of judgments. The Hindu with the scroll of ages, and so on and so on.
The concept is not new, so what is this place, and what does it do?

As you can see that my depiction shows a hall, with but one book... 
kinda like a viewing room off a main library
where one would look at it and
read of lives past, it's your personal history, of all the lives you have led..

and all that you have learned

There are some who report a hall of mirrors... 
where each mirror holds yet a different incarnations face

of who and what, we once were

 Or, if you want to see it from the view point of our currently technologically advanced world
it's a type of internal Universal Wide Web, where anyone can access their personal information
If they know how to click into the right places to find it.

Seeking this place, is a journey within, as that is where such memory is stored, in effect
in you...you have lived these lives and at some point you can recall them, so the record hall is really
your spiritual past, embedded in the very cells that make up your body according to some... :)
One of the secrets of DNA perhaps...?

No matter how you think of it, it's a self exploration ... Ever notice when you desperately need an answer
to some pressing issue and suddenly the how to do... just " pops" into your head ?

This is past knowledge forcing it's way past the limits of the fore brain to
give you things you have worked out before, but haven't yet dealt with in this life, and you just "Know" what to do.
This is the self... accessing the hall of records...your records and finding the answers you seek

Now is this a "real" place with walls and a door ? After a fashion ... yes... all things that are strongly felt
over and over by mankind takes on a life of it's own on the astral plane

This concept has been used for millennium ... so yes, the Akashic hall of records
has many incarnations ... that one can visit on the Astral plane. Much like most temples
and other places, which really begin there as thought forms, and take concrete form here...so said Aristotle

The world we see is but a reflection of the real world of forms
 "as above so below" as we say...
That works both ways for things of powerful intent... as in an Astral Creations

So this is what this place is all about ... a place to go ... to do past life regression.
You can see why this is sought after.. I mean who wouldn't want 
to tap into many many lifetimes of knowledge
 and understanding...! 
Quite the time-saver, wouldn't you agree :)

Why reinvent the wheel every lifetime...? The wheel of birth and re birth... is a refining process for the soul
often times... and if one can access these past lessons already learned,
perhaps you wont have to go through them all over again...sounds like a plan to me
This process is called enlightenment ... of which I am sure you have heard

One way to reach this understanding is a process of meditation ... on the very thing itself
it's why such depiction's are common, in mediation the more detail you give the mind,
the easier it is to hold on to the image and focus on more important things ...
like the information contained therein... so giving the mind a space and place
to "see" the book is needful.. the mind is funny .. it will work very well for us..
but only if we give it somewhere to go

It does not work well when we just turn it loose with no guide ... what's the old saying ?
"your mind is too young to be out alone".. :) .. So we build a place for it and fill that space
with all the things the mind needs to understand and reference the concept.. much like when we dream ....
then we can get to the real reason we are there
the information itself... about the self

May your hall be pleasantly decorated..
and full of useful information ... for you :)


Art work by yours Truly...
if you would like to see it full sized along with other work..see
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