Air the way of changes, by Pagan Art, Me :)

Air the Way of Changes

The Winds of change ... the Way of Air
to refresh the mind ... and clear away cobwebs

This is the way of Air ... to stir the leaves and let the
trees sing their song ... to make wind chimes sing and bells to ring

So Much noise from something ya cant even see huh ? :)

The way of Air moves ... yet only by another things reaction
can we see it's effect ... interesting paradox

Air the one thing we humans can't live without for more than a few moments in time ...
yet is so nebulous that we can't even hold it in our hands

When we seek to become calm what's the first thing we do ? Take a deep breath of course ...
when we are afraid or startled we take a sudden breath and hold it ...
and while we sleep or meditate, we barely breathe

Ok why?

The Deep breath allows us to suspend a moment in time
to regain our sense of balance

The sudden breath of fear... is to make ourselves ready for action

During meditation or sleep we (our inner self ) is not in body ...
so the body has no more need that what it must have, to maintain the flesh

Heck of a lot of stuff going on with the simple act of breathing huh :)

The Way of Air implies changes ... changes in state, in body, in thought.
It also implies faith ... we depend so greatly on this thing that we can't even see or touch ...
as wind it can touch us, but not the other way around

The Unseen that moves the world ... a perfect analogy
for the Great Divine, is the Way of Air

When we call on Air in circle we are seeking the fresh voice on the wind, 
we are looking for our hold on faith.
 That even though we cannot hold it in our hands 
it is vital and real ... We seek the means to observe the world
by it's reaction to unseen forces

To be like the Air is to be free from all form and shape ... to be one with all things ..
to move over the face of the world without leaving a mark other than the lives we touch ...
to become Air is to know freedom

May the Winds blow gently on your brow


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